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Smith CountySchool System

Homecoming 2017-18


On Friday, September 22nd, Smith County High School hosted their annual Homecoming Ceremony and Parade.  The illustrious event featured a wide array of students representing the vast diversity, educational affluence, and artistic expression found within the spirit of Smith County Pride.  Every school function from the Cosmetology Club to the Science and Math organization was represented with a senior member in the parade, and the Homecoming court was honored to travel in the royal float situated toward the end of the procession.  The student body elected senior Maizey Donoho as their Homecoming Queen, with Jase Holder as her escort.  Queen Maizey was crowned at the afternoon ceremony, and she was honored again later in the evening prior to the Owls football game against Livingston.

Along with the many clubs represented in the ceremony and parade, the ten senior football players were also honored in the afternoon ceremony, and they collectively elected senior Tayler Beale as their Football Queen. Escorting Tayler Beale was senior football player Shermar King, who has played for four years. Prior to the football game, these players and their families were recognized for their hard work, commitment, and time given to Smith County football through the years.

All in all, SCHS Homecoming 2017 was a joyous occasion full of laughter, tears, and nostalgia for all that has transpired throughout these students’ years in high school.  It was the culmination of and celebration for the skills and knowledge learned through the students’ time spent both in the classroom and participation in extracurricular activities. It is clear that Smith County High School is an institution that acknowledges the many wonderful and exciting things their students offer, and Homecoming was a memorable event that will be in the hearts and minds of students for years to come, wherever they may venture.