Please be sure to go to Schoolstation to create any technology tickets. Please do not email us ticket request unless we ask you to.

Technology Department
Danny ClaireTechnology Coordinator
Danny Claire

Terry Woodard Technology Support Coordinator
Terry Woodard graduated from Smith County High School in 1985. She worked as a waitress for several years. Then she went to work at the Texas Boot Factory from 1980 - 1987. She quit work to stay home and raise her daughter and In 1999 she was hired as Title I assistant at Carthage Elementary School. She then went to the Central Office as technology support coordinator for Smith County in 2000.


Allen Silcox Technology Support

Allen Silcox graduated Smith County High School in 1975. He worked several jobs until starting his own construction company in 1994. He also worked as Smith County Fire Marshall and Building Inspector. He retired from his previous jobs and went to work for Microwise Solutions Inc. in 2007. He came to work at Smith County Board of Education as a computer technician in 2015.